aka "The RFS Digital Traffic Mastery Package"

The INSANE OFFER Package includes everything I know about writing compliant ad copy. EVERYTHING. (And a lot more.) I’ve realized I won't have a chance to run ads for all the businesses and entrepreneurs I want... But the reality is, we can only serve a small group of qualified clients at that level. But I can still help a lot more people. And to do so, I've put together an absolutely INSANE package. I'm going to take all the training, presentations, and consulting I've done over the years and put it down for others to tap into. I'm gonna do it live, and make it interactive for a small group of people. It's not 1 training. It's not 1 course. It's not 1 thing. It's literally everything I have in my head, and everything you can do to suggest topics, and extract knowledge from my brain. At an absolutely STUPID price. Why? Because we're still finishing up the salesletter. As soon as the salesletter is done, this insanely low price is GONE. SO LONG. SEE YA. SAYONARA. By-EEE. So grab it at this price now while you can.

Course curriculum

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    Insane Offer WELCOME!

    • Welcome Call
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    Training Videos

    • Q&A: How Do You Get Started With Paid Traffic If You Have No Existing List Or Offer...
    • Q&A: How Do You Put Together Your Offer & Start An Ad Campaign From Scratch?
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    Office Hours Replays

    • Office Hours 07.25.2019
    • Office Hours 08.01.2019
    • Office Hours 08.08.2019
    • Office Hours 08.15.2019
    • Office Hours 08.28.2019
    • Office Hours 09.05.2019
    • Office Hours 09.12.2019
    • Office Hours 09.19.2019
    • Office Hours 09.26.2019
    • Office Hours 10.03.2019
    • Office Hours 10.10.2019
    • Office Hours 10.17.2019
    • Office Hours 10.24.2019
    • Office Hours 10.31.2019
    • Office Hours 11.07.2019
    • Office Hours 11.14.2019
    • Office Hours 11.21.2019
    • Office Hours 12.05.2019
    • Office Hours 12.05.2019
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    Need Help?

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Rory is the Real Deal...

"Rory is the real deal. If you need someone who not only knows what to do in good times but also in bad times, Rory is your man. He knows how to climb the mountains and put out the fires." - Justin Brooke | Founder, AdSkills